Benefits of Vinyl

  • vinyl-fencing-environment.jpgEliminates the costly effort of painting or staining to protect or beautify.
  • Since it doesn't absorb moisture it won't blister, peel, corrode or rot.
  • Durable all weather vinyl maintains a fresh appearance year after year.
  • All vinyl materials contain high amounts of UV-inhibitor and impact modifiers.
  • A great do-it-yourself system. Simple to install by anyone.
  • Parts simply slide and lock into place for quick and easy installation.
  • No visible hardware provides a clean look.

VEKA Outdoor products and the environment

  • Our products are made from exterior grade PVC materials. Polyvinyl Chloride is a plastic with the lowest petroleum content (about 43%) The remainder is chlorine, a common and inexpensive naturally occurring element
  • Vinyl fencing and vinyl deck products have a life-cycle of 20 years vs. wood 7-10 years and will outlast 2 or 3 conventional (wood) installations
  • Vinyl products never need to be stained, painted, UV treated, or water sealed. This saves time and money but also reduces the need for harmful chemicals from being introduced in the air and soil.


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